Radio Marconi

Radio Marconi add value to the interactive user experience developing innovative technologies for the information, communication and entertainment world. Radio Marconi projects and technological solutions are the perfect response to the increasing demand of customized communication to the audience that today is becoming more and more strategic. Radio Marconi realizes advanced and integrated technologies in order to improve information and integration concepts.



Our innovative and reliable solutions meet every customer need and range from multilingual surtitle systems to next generation seat-back interactive multimedia systems.Our products are all fully customizable and extremely flexible.

Stadium and Arenas

The leading edge technology capable to to enhance the audience experience of a live sport event is represented by interactive multimedia systems able to provide advanced services and real-time videos.Our solutions are unique in the sport market and become a qualifying element for the facilities that deploy them.


Radio Marconi introduces a paradigm shift in the usual conference hall approach, by integrating in a single fully customizable device the most advanced interactive multimedia functionalities that provide higher efficiency in the information exchange and more effectiveness in its fruition.

Digital Signage

Our solutions offer to the digital signage market advanced performances with full centralized control, besidesextensive customization that makes them unique for every customer.


Radio Marconi provides large scale integrated communication solutions for the Retail market, by combining compactness, scalability, multimedia, interactivity and tailored design.


With passion and professionalism we have developed effective interactive communication solutions that build loyalty and foster impulsive purchase while enhancing the buyer experience.


Radio Marconi is able to design customized solutions which improve the effectiveness of the learning process. Our products range from interactive multimedia systems for museums to ad hoc installations for educational venues.


Radio Marconi offers supervision and control systems based on interactive multimedia panels, through which it is possible to visualize and control a network of surveillance cameras and manage the access rights.


The digital display systems with centralized control are the best solution to create an informative totem network updatable in real time.